What Is A Woman? by Matt Walsh - Signed Edition

What Is A Woman? by Matt Walsh - Signed Edition

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For months, Matt Walsh devoted nearly every waking hour to answering this simple question, "What is a woman?". Honestly, it’s a question he never thought he’d have to ask. But all of a sudden, way too many people don’t seem to know the answer. Is a woman a woman just by feeling or acting a particular way? Aren’t gender roles just a "social construct"? Can a woman be “trapped in a man’s body”? Does being a woman mean anything at all? We used to think that being a woman had something to do with biology, but the nation’s top experts keep assuring us that is definitely not the case. So Matt decided to do what no man (whatever that means) had done before. He sat down with the experts and asked them directly.

In What Is a Woman?, our hero:
• Discovers that no one—not doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, politicians, transgender people, nor San Franciscans—can actually define the word “woman”
• Hilariously convinces a non-binary therapist that Matt is questioning his own gender identity
• Uncovers the shocking and horrifying roots of trangender theory
• Learns exactly how activists and ideologues are trying to take over the minds of our kids
• Reveals a strategy to defeat the collective insanity that has taken over our society

Join Matt on his often comical, yet deeply disturbing, journey as he answers the question generations before us never knew they needed to ask: What is a woman?

Signed by Matt Walsh.

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