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Jeremy's Razors

Harry’s and the Daily Wire had a deal. But after we said that boys are boys and girls are girls, they publicly condemned our views and dropped their ads because of what they called “values misalignment”.
You’re damn right our values are misaligned.
We embrace masculinity and the courage to uphold it.
And since no other razors out there did… we built our own.


An entirely new streaming platform for kids entertainment! 

It's about childhood, wonder, adventure, and joy, and we are dedicated to being a place for kids entertainment that kids will love and parents can trust. 

Jeremy's Chocolate

We have two kinds: SheHer and HeHim. One of them's got nuts. You know which is which.

Mayflower Cigars

Centuries of family tradition, culture, and devotion combine to bring forth each and every Mayflower cigar. Like the ship and flower for which they are named, Mayflower cigars augur new possibilities and delight with unassuming grace. Each vitola is handcrafted, blended, and aged for and until precisely the right time, from Dawn to Dusk.